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Does Turface Pro League pull down kH?

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I know that Soilmaster Select (which I think is no longer produced in gray) used to pull down kH significantly for a lot of folks.

Does Turface Pro League pull down kH? One experienced hobbyist in my local club said it doesn't; some old listerv posts said it doesn't; and then recently some other members of my local aquarium club said it does.

I'll run some tests to be sure, but would sincerely appreciate your thoughts.

It matters quite a bit because my tap water is 0 kH and 0 GH, with a high pH 8.4-8.6 (which I've verified with the city water authorities), and I'm adding baking soda to bring the kH to 5 and adding Equilibrium to bring the GH to 5. If TPL pulls down kH significantly, this could cause a pH shock when doing weekly 30-50% water changes which could stress or kill fish.

This is for community planted tropical tanks with CO2 injection and substrate and water column fertilizers (not African Cichlid tanks).

PS I have to update my signature - I'm now in Silicon Valley with SFBAAPS, SVAS and the PCCA clubs (hi New Jersey!)