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Quickcrete is very alkaline. How to soak it, treat it, or deal with the way it may change your water?

All these can be dealt with but for me, I don't need the hassle. For African cichlid tanks, I was tempted but then flat limestone rocks are much cheaper and far easier to deal with in my area.
considering your Cichlid tank neither seems to be too problematic (YMMV).. both can harden the water.. sometimes.. under some conditions.. ;)
And not all limestone is equal..

This means that if you have a tank running at pH 7 with any of the myriad fish that are happy at a near neutral pH such as tetras, corys, many South American cichlids, kribs, gouramis, rasboras, danios, etc etc. then carbonate rocks are not an automatic no-no, as is often suggested. In most cases, such rocks may cause the pH to drift up a few decimal points but it will normally remain within the acceptable range for such fish. You can easily check this by putting such rocks in your tank and testing the pH at weekly intervals. If you find it is moving up steadily and reaching undesirable levels for the species, just remove it. It will not have harmed your fish in the meantime.
On the other hand, if you run a tank with acidic soft-water conditions at pH 6.5 or below for certain species, then you clearly do not want to introduce anything that will tend to move the pH or hardness upwards. In such cases all carbonate rocks should be strictly avoided.
Remember just guidelines, but yes permanent concrete sure could be a problem IF it becomes a problem..
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