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Does RCS eat snails??

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Hi all.
I had thousands of ramshorn snails in my tank. I think I got them with some plants. I didn't now how to get rid of them until I got 10 RSC. Now, about 1.5 month later I have way less snails than I had before. So here is my question:
is it possible that RCS eat the snails or their eggs?
P.S. You can laugh if this question looks stupid :icon_bigg
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I think maybe they help clean up after your feedings and reduce the population thru less food available.

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they wont eat the snails but they would probably eat pond snail eggs. Ramshorn eggs are stuck to the wall and hard to get off.
and i agree with jrill. Shrimps are scavengers and now theyre competing with the snails for food so it lowers the snail population.

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if you crash the snail, yes, RCS would eat it.
they won't hunt the live snail.
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