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Does kh affect fertilizers?

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I've been told 2 different things by 2 different lfs and haven't really found any answers on the net. My regular lfs told me a few months ago that plant ferts don't work if your kh is below 4. Yesterday I went to a different lfs and I asked them, is there a plant fert I can use when I get crystal red shrimp as they prefer the kh below 2? They'd never heard of low kh affecting ferts and never had a problem with ferts not working below 4kh. Was the first lfs trying to sell me more products? I already add kh powder for my guppys but won't be adding it to the shrimp tank.

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In general, ferts work what ever the KH is. Some chelators, used in trace mixes, may work better at certain pH ranges, which are affected by KH, but the major nutrients, NPK, are not affected.
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