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Does Hydrogen Peroxide Stunt Plants?

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Someone on the forum suggested I spot treat my dwarf hairgrass with hydrogen peroxide for what looks like spirogyra or green string algae. Is this wise to do? I've read on other threads that hydrogen peroxide will destroy tissue cells in plants and stunt them or worse even kill the plant. Is this true? Also in the case that it doesn't since there is a highly popular thread about many people successfully getting rid of algaes with this method, how does hydrogen peroxide affect beneficial bacteria? Thanks for any input on this question!
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A bit off the topic, but I would just trim the grass just above the substrate. Seems like a quicker and a better solution.

Finding the reason for the algae would preclude the reoccurance.

few amano shrimps killed all my thread algae in 1 night! They never came back.

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limited leaf insult is different than stunting

it will not stunt growth

even ferts dosed can cause some minor burning in some leaves, natural events like grazing from animals can insult them. periods of low nutrients might have less than perfect growth aspects, but in time the vigor of the plant wins and thats how it works with peroxide. if it does stress some fine leaved plants, they'll come back. its being used for reasons that probably preclude minor leaf insults anyway.

hp has no measurable effect on filter bacteria even in gross overdose threads, so the careful use you are contemplating will go just fine.
use it in the way researched for whatever target algae you are fighting, and it w be ok. shrimps of many species dont like it, thats about all to watch out for. fish do not care.
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Sorry to hijack your thread Agent but we are talking Peroxide so............

I have been told a light bath with diluted HP will help kill snail eggs on new plants (just in case)

What dilution would work and what do I need to be careful of?

so sorry I dont know that specific dose, I used powdered alum as a dip for that. I have snails in my heavily treated peroxide fw planted tanks and it doesnt kill them, im not sure if its reliable for that. try alum dipping I got the idea off some thread in about 1998 lol I dont even remember the dose lol its out there somewhere
Thank you very much!!! My intention is to keep this tank snail free and I'm going to dip, scald, scrub or anything else necessary to kill snail eggs.

And after all that, all plants will be quarantined for two weeks

Your post will help me

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