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Does highlight cause blackening/browning of moss?

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Hi all,

Recently purchased a 2x24W T5HO fixture for the 2ft tank. Light tubes are default ones, 10 000K globes. It is 48W over 20 gallons. (2.4WPG)
Tank is set at 24C however as the light emits a lot of light, the temperature could possibly be a bit higher on the surface of the water.

The section of moss that is starting to brown and die back was actually lush green with heaps of new growth last week and growing magnificently under the new lights but has since be dying slowly.
The weeping moss is attached to a large driftwood branch and is directly under the light by 6cm.

Does growing moss in 10 000K instead of 6500K have any effect on the moss?
Also, does positioning the moss directly under the lights cause it to die?
Could this be a nutrient deficiency of some sort I now have highlights and do not add fertilizers?

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might just be too much light. it is very close to a very high powered light. i know that when i was a kid the ants in my driveway didnt like it when the magnifying glass was that close.

the k rating isnt affecting it at all.

and you should definately be adding ferts. and co2 is a needed now.
You guys think LED would cause the same issue?
never used an led. never even seen one over a tank in real life. they interest me though.
I guess ill be the crash test dummy on this one folks. Lol
has hoppy written anything up on leds?
Lol I was waiting for him to hit this thread.
i wonder if hoppy has a big light that comes on his computer, kinda like batmans bat signal, when people are in need of lighting advice
Haha, instead of the bat symbol its a crypt leaf
The problem with fertz and CO2 is that it is a shrimp tank with some sensitive crystal red shrimps along with some chameleons and cherries......
back off of the light then. or raise it high above the tank.

never used an led. never even seen one over a tank in real life. they interest me though.
Well, here you have a full led lighted nano, the leds are on it for some 4 months now...

What do you think about that?


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Hey guys, I have now raised the light fixture above 12 cm by adding the brackets and also re-arranging the driftwood piece. (done this for more than a month already)
Still there is a problem of the parts of the moss 'browning' and dying. New growth appears out of these old dead parts however they soon die again.

Here's a picture I took today so hopefully this will help greatly

Can anyone have a definite solution now?
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