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Does HC spread in Gravel?

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Its growing really nicely just wondering if it will carpet correctly with Flourite Gravel. Ive read that some people only use sand for this stuff but I want to make sure!

Also is it normal for some of it to Melt? I seperated little bunches that have trippled there size but some of them are melting. Havent changed my dosing or my co2 which is pressurized. And they are not shaded or anything.
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I have seen nice carpets with floruite. However, I have been trying for over a month and mine won't grow at all.
HC will carpet in normal Flourite, but it definitely is more of a patience tester.

It is also normal for some of the HC to melt, especially if it is newly planted. How long have you had the HC for?
Ive had it for about 3 weeks. Its pretty cool some of my seperate bundles are coming to join as one haha
It will carpet for you. I have mine (though I tore most out due to thread algae) in flourite.
I started it emersed first so it grew alot faster but it will spread once it adapts to the tank.
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