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Does Flourish Advance work?

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I just found out about Seachem Flourish Advance, and since I am already using Flourish and Flourish Excel, I am immediately interested because I want the full set. :laugh2: Does it actually enhance and quicken plant growth as much as it says it does? It is supposed to contain a 'Phytohormone', some kind of hormone that makes plants want to grow. I am obviously a beginner in this area, I have never even heard of a phytohormone. So, from your experience, does it work? Here is the link to it on Amazon:

Any tips, experiences, and advice is welcome! :grin2:
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I've been using it on a tank I dry started, which I've since flooded. I think it may have helped get my plants going and establish a root system, which is what products like this for terrestrial plants do. Once roots are established, you'll probably hit a point of diminishing returns. It's not some type of plant steroid that will give you some magical, lightening fast growth. Proper light, fertilization, etc., are still important.
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