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Does Dwarf Hairgrass grow in strong current?

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I'm getting ready to re-scape my 10 g. I have a bunch of Dwarf Hairgrass that's been in there for about a month that I'm going to divide up and plant to encourage it to form a carpet. I was thinking that I could put it under the filter, as it seems like the shorter hairgrass will be less bothered by the strong current than taller plants would be. It would also not impede the flow as other plants might.

This being said, I have a hang-on-the-back type filter rated for 5-20 gallons, and it creates quite a good amount of current. I was wondering if anyone knew how dhg reacts to high current. Will it have trouble getting started? Will the constant motion weaken its roots? I haven't been able to find any information in regards to these questions, so any advice would be helpful!
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It doesn't grow in the current in the wild as far as I know, (Eleocharis acicularis is native to north america, some people have E. parvula instead though.) but it probably can grown in current. Disturbing it probably doesn't make it too happy, but it might appreciate the thinning.

The only way to find out is to try it. You should leave some where it is, in case it doesn't like the current.

I have had DHG for a month and it hasn't done much yet, from what I can tell.
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