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Does "color enhancing" food really do anything?

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Just like the title says. Seems like just about every variety of fish food has a special color enhancing version. Anybody ever compare it to the regular stuff?
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I haven't compared it on the fish but I have compared the regular version food to the color enhancing food, and you might notice on the ingredients list that the color enhancing ingredient is either present on the enhanced where it wasn't in the regular or if the ingred was present in the reg version it higher up on the list on the enhanced version versus the reg version.
Astaxanthan is the color enhancing ingredient and yes, it works to enhance red, orange and yellow colors.

Spirulina is another color enhancing ingredient, and it enhances blues, greens and yellows.

Calcium is another color enhancing ingredient, and it enhances whites and the thickness of colors.

Most color enhancing food has a combination of those ingredients. Also usually some source of vitamins A C and D.

-- liam
Most foods these days claim to be enhancing, but I've only found one that really does make a difference (in my own opinion), and that is NLS.
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