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Does anyone want platy fry?

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Despite being the only livebearer in the tank, my sunburst/sunset/orange platy has given birth. Twice. :icon_roll

Please tell me that you would like some of these babies, and that you can pick up in Sunnyside, Queens. The first batch are about half an inch long, and the second batch are quickly catching up. I don't have breather bags, so please bring your own or advise me on how to transport them.
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how's the body coloring ? How many are available ? im expanding to a 45 soon. Just have to reseal the tank so i'm in the planning stage atm.
There are around 15-20. They're already peachy/orange. The mother has pretty classic sunset platy coloring, like this:

They're in a 6.6 gallon tank right now, so this setup won't be sustainable for very long at all. Do you know when you'll be adding fish?
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i'd say in a bout a week or so.
I'm not personally interested in your platy young, but I thought I would ask if you know why the female gave birth in the first place even though she is the only one in the tank?

When Livebearers get pregnant one time they will carry over the ability to give birth for several more batches. So she was probably with a male at some point in the near past. Did you have a male in with her yourself? or Was she from a tank with a male at the LFS your bought her from, or even the breeder/wholesaler that raised them originally.

This effect will go away sooner or later since they only can do this up to a few months(5-6 months I think for platy's).

Good luck

Jesus platies!!! We must put it on national news!!!!
But yeah. I remember I had 3 of then and ended up with +30. Sadly my tank could not take so much fish.
Haha, yeah, she was previously in a tank with other platies. I'm not at all surprised by the births, just kind of annoyed that my tetras didn't eat all the fry. I'm pretty sure she's pregnant again, but I'm really hopeful that this will be her last batch.

A "Jesus platy" would be my worst nightmare!
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