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Does anyone know what this is?

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Stem plant upper stems go from green to red smallish leaves. I'm leaning towards not a true aquatic but i'd like to know for sure. Oh it has these little pod like things down where the branches meet the stem little spiky dark cluster almost like a flower. Sorry for the picture quality taken on my blackberry.
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Do I need better pictures or is it just a weird one?
That looks to be like 'Green Hedge'. It's usually sold as an aquarium plant but they actually are specifically for terrariums. They will rot sooner or later.
Hmm no that's not it. This one has a very rigid stem that is mostly red/redish. It seems to be melting is spots which is why I thought it might not be a true aquarium plant. The roots form where the leaves meet the stem with none forming below the substrate.
Apart from that, the only distinguishing feature is the small spiky balls that form in the V of the leaves/stem.
Ok, so popular consensus seems to be green hedge, although mine looks very different from the images i've seen of it, its behavior certainly seems non aquatic so i'll pull it when I get home from work. Didn't much like it anyway :)

And damn my LFS for catching me again, that's the third time now. I'm buying online from now on, least that way I can research better before I buy.
Looks like green hedge to me. I don't know why they keep selling that one as an aquatic.

I have been meaning to try that as a riparium plant.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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