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Does anyone know how to use a "sun dial" timer

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I'm FINALLY almost finished with my set up but hit another roadblock. I can't figure out how to use the Sun Dial timer from "Sunleaves" brand. I know how to use the timers with the "breakers" that you insert (green for "on" and red for "off"), but this one is different. Here's the instructions:

Instructions for Timed Use
1. Push down the joint slices to set the duration the household
appliance(s) will be operating.
2. Rotate the disc face clockwise until the mark is pointing to the
setting for your current time.
3. Plug the timer into the power socket.
4. Connect the appliance(s) to the timer.

Instructions for Continuous Use
1. Slide the red switch on the side to {I}.
2. Plug the timer into the power socket.
3. Connect the appliance(s) to the timer.

I did this. I set it for 1pm and 11pm. I want it to go off at 11pm. I plugged it in and the lights didn't come on. How does this type of timer know when to turn off and on? What would keep it from "thinking" I want it to turn ON at 11pm and off at 1pm instead of the converse?
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Never mind... I got it figured out.
Unless you get a digital timer, almost all timed powerstrips/timers work this way. The difference is the on/off switch operation. The one I have actually has a little thing that sticks out and pushes the switch - on the outside.
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