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Does anyone know how to contact this company?

1139 Views 13 Replies 6 Participants Last post by  mistergreen has a wonderful web page of exotic aquarium ornaments. However, there is no "contact us" tab, no telephone number, no e-mail address, and no snail-mail address. I have tried visiting their homepage and their "about us" page, and still no contact information is given. How in blazes does anyone contact this company???
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I found them by googling exotic freshwater aquarium ornaments and decorations. This company came up in the menu, with a page showing realistic octopus, seahorse and red starfish ornaments. That's how I found them. But -- as per above post -- NO apparent way to contact them. I would think that would be bad for business if customers can't reach them to ask questions, etc.
Though I'd be suspicious of any place that hides their contact that well.
NOtice how you can't actually buy anything here? It is a front for petsmart, it appears. Click any product and it goes to petsmart.

Prob a link harvester that gets paid for clicks.
Thank you, Over Stocked. I have sent them an e-mail.
I think you are wasting your time. Again, click one of the links to see an item. There is no price. It redirects to petsmart. Look for what you want on
Thanks again. I'll try There's a PetSmart in Spokane. Next time I'm there, I think I'll drop in.
If you know of an item you want, print off the page for that item and bring it with you. If it is cheaper than the physical store, they will match the price for you.

Really comes in handy, especially if you also use your petsmart card.
Great advice! Thanks, folks.
It could be a petsmart affiliate site. I an an affilitate of walmart, expedia, the Gap and and 100's of others from the 90's. While I've never sold anything, if I needed a purchase, I could buy through the affiliate site and get a check for like 5% of the purchase.
Two new developments:

First, the e-mail inquiry I sent to (by clicking on the customer care link provided in this thread) came back as "undelivered mail".

Second, I phoned PetSmart in Spokane and asked if they have any of the aquarium ornaments shown in the pictures on this website. At first, I got the typical "Duuuuh -- I dunno" response. Then the associate went to look, and came back and said they don't have any.

I'm thinking of printing this web page and taking it into PetSmart next time I'm in Spokane and see if they know anything about this company, and if they can special order for me any of the ornaments shown there.

I'm not holding my breath. Companies that operate this way don't impress me. Makes me wonder what's really going on.
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Just to add, I did a quick google.
petworldshop is not a real site/company. It's owner is a domain name registry company that owns the domain name and if your want it, you'd have to buy it from them. They have nothing to do the pets. That's all.
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