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Does anyone have experience with this type of tank?

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Im looking to buy a used tank, and I came across a nice deal on a 55 gallon flat back hexagon tank. Does anyone have experience with these tanks?

I most concerned with the aesthetic appearance, such as the front corners being unsightly, etc.

I would love some pictures if anyone has any!

Thank you
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Meh, Ive seen worse tanks tbh. But this is probably not my first choice. BTW google is your friend, found this (and many others) with a quick search:

Seems TFH did a setup thread on one too

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they're pretty ugly
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I owned one and loved the looks..
I also love the look of the flat-back hex and hope to have one someday.
Thanks. Its a steal so I think I'll give it a shot
I think th flat back hex would be a lot easier to scape as well you have 5 sides to consider and it shouldn't be as narrow as the standard 55 I think it's only 12/13" in depth front to back which isn't much space. I like the tank haha
It honestly (IMO) depends on the viewing angle of the room. If when I look at a tank the corner is in the way, that might be a good option because it'd be glass instead. Not every room will allow you to look at an aquarium straight on . It's one of the reasons I like bowfronts. The fish I stock love the front of the tank so I can see from my couch when I'm sitting at the 7 oclock angle from it.
I kinda like that design, any smaller might be a real pain to scape nicely but if the side panes are not angled to drastically I think it could really work well.
I've got a 23gallon flat back hex. I originally loved the look of it. That was until I had it filled and stocked. Its not that I hate it; but the corners can make viewing difficult from certain positions in the room. You get that refraction effect (I'm sure thats probably incorrect) where certain images get doubled due to the corner/angle of the glass.

That being said, I picked it up real cheap so I'm still pretty happy with it overall. I dont know about everyone else, but price is usually a major concern in this hobby for me. So if its a good deal and will hold water then I'm all for it!
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