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Interesting question. I have been trying to design a system for this, well kinda. It would only be for neos and tigers, my thoughts and what i'm trying to figure out is a 20L with a 10 sump. Divide the 20L so i'm essentially creating two tanks. Could even divide into 3 equal compartments, what have you. Drill the 20L.

Its not exactly ALL centralized, but my thought process behind this is if something happens i.e. bacterial infection, hydra, disease, etc. i'm not potentially burning all my tanks. With a standard rack, 2 20L's and on the bottom shelf the two tens side by side for sumps (one/20L). If you divide them in 3's you getting roughly three 6 gallon tanks, all the same water and filtration.

Now the logistics and actual parts, measurements, etc. is what i'm trying to figure out. Also solid glass divider to split the tanks, or foam to allow all the water to flow freely throughout the tank. I'm currently collecting the materials. I have the 20L and ten, i have glass ordered for the baffles and tank dividers. I'm anxious to see others input/experiences with this type of setup.

**Nice set up boston! What size are those shrimp tanks?
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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