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Documentary: Japan countryside stream

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Really interesting! Beautiful documentary.. Attenborough, fish, aquatic plants and Japanese town. Can't get much better then that eh?

site is busy much of the day, pause and let buffer if needed.

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it took over an hour to download,
but was totally worth it, Thanx!

just a Drop of Japan's Secret Water Garden
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My pleasure. I found that a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it. I thought of you guys as I watched. :D Nice pic from the doc! Glad you enjoyed. Shalom.
Wow, this was a great documentary to watch in the morning sipping my coffee.
Japan is just an amazing place. Thanks for posting this.
So far really awesome. I've never been there before but made me want to live there now :-D. And satoyama means Hometown Mountain. Nothing abstract like the film says... I think they're getting deep in the etymology and stuff.

Edit: Just finished watching it. Damn that's good stuff. Reminds me of Totoro. Or Totoro should remind me of this lol. I'm loving Japan more now. Too bad I've only been to the city.
can somebody put this up on
it won't play for me.
I finally got to see it.. It's a very cool little pocket of culture within the japanese culture. Too bad most of japan isn't like that anymore.
it's not? i thought outside of Tokyo, japan was still very "green"
japan's population is 127,433,494.. it's tight on an island.
the documentary said that a lot of the kids in these villages leave for bigger cities but some are coming back.
Wow...what a great progrma. Thanks for sharing. Despite all our conveniences i really envy how they live so close and in balance with nature.
I finally got to see it.. It's a very cool little pocket of culture within the japanese culture. Too bad most of japan isn't like that anymore.
I agree.

Even in the countryside, you'll often find reminders of Japan's allegedly corrupt and monopolistic construction industry, in the form of concrete walls built to contain streams and rivers, unattractive mountainside retaining walls, and enormous concrete tetrapods along the coastline. This isn't to say that Japan is not a beautiful country (it is in many ways) or that its people are out of touch with nature (though you'll certainly find many willing to dispute that statement), but even in "green" areas unexpectedly "ungreen" things can and do pop up.

That said, that was a really great video (I love BBC documentaries). Wish I could be there for the clearing of the aquatic plants. I'd take a few stems home. :)

Edit: I found this beautiful close-up picture of the Satoyama waterway-- is that riccia in the upper right-hand corner? Cool!
Very cool doc.! The world should try to learn from this culture. Talk about going green.
I'm watching it again....

A friend of mine just left nyc for tokyo. He's over going to all the different place in japan. It is actually very green. I think 40% of japan is forest area which is alot for a developed country.

But there are few villages like the one in the video.

I can't get this video to load anymore. Is it still available to view??


That's a crime!!

That was one awe-inspiring video!

I found a torrent of it.. I'll post it somewhere as soon as I finish downloading it.
alright kids.... you can watch it here

with their veohTV in its entirety or download it with their veoh player..
thanks that was awesome. i watched all of it on youtube under the search of Satoyama
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