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Do you name your fish?

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i just got four new angelfish, so i named them for devils - Asmodeus (lust), Abaddon (bottomless pit), Lilith (first woman) and Ashtoreth (dawn). they're quarter sized and too young to properly sex, but i'll let the names stick regardless.

i once had a 40gal goldfish tank with Li Po, chinese master poet and chocolate ryukin, Lady Murasaki, author of the world's first novel and black moor, the Empress Jemmu, a gray oranda who swallowed a stone to delay her pregnancy so she could invade korea and hitomaro, poet-saint and ranchu.
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Unfortunately for them, I do. :) 5 female bettas: Sweetie Pea, Sassy Fish, Thing 1, Thing 2 (started out almost as twins, now they're easy to tell apart), Maggie Moo, and 2 female bristlenose plecos: Sue-2D2 and Sue-3PO. All female bristlenoses get named a variant of Sue; feel bad for them.
I only name animals that can recognize that they have a name. So no. I do not name my fish.
My bettas are Rime and Resin. The others are all collectively known as "the corys" or "the otos".
I name the individuals, I've got two bettas at the moment, Mori -short for Mordred, and Moon. The 'M' theme wasn't intentional just happenstance, they're each named for the male protagonist of the book I was reading at the time I got them.
Schooling fish don't get anything, because that's a rabbit hole I choose not to go down.
When I was young, my friends and I swore that naming our fish was the kiss of death because we lost some right after naming them. Our losses were result of us being ill informed kids, but the idea stuck.
Now, I just scream at them and call them Maggots like the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket.
-Just kidding, I love my fish. My wife rolls her eyes when I say in my highest voice, "come here little sweeties, num num time"
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Only my bettas have names - Ossu and Manfred Von Maserati. I don't name my shoaling fish.
Manfred Von Maserati.
Awesome name! I picture a betta with a moustache and monocle
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My kids name the moment the betta is named Deadpool - hes a deep red with a blueish/black to him....then there is Morticia the black snail and Drako the white snail in with him... when we had the gold fish they were Dave (regular gold fish) and Katnis (a fancy that looked like the girl on fire)
I only name animals that can recognize that they have a name. So no. I do not name my fish.
I'm with bigb. Naming fish is just silly, imo.

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Mine are Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, and George. :wink2:
Male green terror. Kai.

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I named my koi that I found on my lawn one morning 20 feet from my pond. Dora after the cartoon Dora the Explorer.
I've named individual "special" ones before. I had an angel for years, that grew as large as my hand, that I called "Your Highness." She would greet me at the glass and get excited, anticipating getting fed. Schools get called their by types like The Clouds, The Dollars, etc. I only have one fish in my new 20L that I call Fred.

I've always had this anthropomorphic thing about giving names to things. And nicknames to people...
Like others said I only name specific fish..the ones are in groups are usually go by the name of the fish..but I have two acaras my bigger one is named fatty and the little one is fatty jr haha I know wildly original...I didn't Choose those names my girlfriend did and it stuck ever since though and I always call them when I get closer to the tank and I feel they know..or they just come to front because they think it's feeding time haha
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