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Do you guys get this?

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Well first of all, im not really a shrimp keeper i just have like 5 in my tank for the plants, also i have a predator as i heard the clown loach, but they have been together for two months now and they are always in peace. SO i was just replanting some stuff cuz it started floating -_- but anyways this Red cherry shrimp came onto my hand and wouldnt come off lol, walked from my fingers to like halfway to my elbow...for a long time until i realized i should record it. When i did started recording by the end he got pushed away by the current from the outflow. ANyways, just wondering if u guys get that too or if im lucky. lol
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Friends for life!
Probably wanted the salts on your skin. I hand feed all my fish, even my puffers are coming around closer everyday. Guppies love to "peck" at my arms while i'm doing tank maintenance, but can't say I've had a shrimp investigating closely. So inquisitive! Lucky U:icon_smil
Literally all of my BTOEs do this. I only have six left, but every time my hand (or anything else for that matter), they swim up and cling to it.
Neat! I don't have shrimp yet but one of my oto's sucked along my hand once.
cool thanks for the feedback
All the shrimp in my SW used to do that. I had about 8 of them and I couldent do anything in the tanks without them latching on.
RCS are very tame and I have a hard time keeping them out of my net if I'm netting something else. My endlers will also nibble on my hand if I hold real still.
I tend to get that right after water changes, maybe because the water is slightly cooler.
Had one climb up my inner arm, then pinch me! Found out my lfs sold me prawns labeled ghost shrimp. SOB left a bruise on my arm and they killed 3 of my tetras in 3 nights. Getting those out of my tank was fun! Idiots are still selling them as ghosts.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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