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Do vals like root tabs?

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I have a bunch of vals that I have planted. I don't know the variety, tall and straight, lol. WOndering if I should be adding some root tabs to their area or if water column ferts are enough for these guys.

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My Corkscrew Vals like the Seachem tabs.
I've always found them to do a bit better with some good nutrients around their roots.
Great, next cleaning I will pop in a seachem tab in their midst. Love to get a val jungle growing.

If you are going to use a root tablet, try to find one with all the macros. Tropica makes good ones. Nothing wrong with Seachem's, just most of us have plenty of micros in the water anyway, and they would be unnecessary.
I will try adding tabs on my Vals. They seem to be melting!!!
That's dissappointing to hear because the seachem's cost a fortune, Almost $20 for 10 tabs.

They are 0.26-0.17-0.16.

Thanks for the heads up I will look for next time.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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