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I got some little Hygro Corymbosa 'compact' from petsmart for like 3 bucks.they were little 2 inch red leaved plants,and I put them in my cycling spec is near an osmo cap I put in for an amazon sword,and the other are away.All I put in the tank is .25 to .50 ml 10% ammonia to keep the filter alive.they now have leaves 3-4 inches long and they are trying to grow out of the tank.

they are the big ones in the,I don't think any hygros need tabs.The one nearest the filter in by an o-cote cap,the three on the other end don't have the back is the top from the single one I had to cut when it grew out of the tank.No fish in there,few water changes,LED that came with the spec V.NO co2,no ferts.

excuse the background coming off.

plant near the back,they are big.these are maybe 2 months old.


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