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do non-black mollies eat hair algae too?

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I'm currently battling some hair algae and hairy fuzzy spiderweb algae. I got it mostly under control by reducing light and increasing CO2, but there's still some bits and pieces left over. A lot of people on the internet suggest black mollies. I was wondering if other color mollies also eat hair algae? Like red or orange sailfin mollies? Why is the "black" molly so popular?
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All Mollies will eat some forms of algae, but not all types of algae. Not sure they will eat hair algae. If they do, I don't think it would be one of their favorites.

The black molly is so popular because of its striking uniform color compared to the other strains , & it's ready availability.
no matter the color mollies are the same kind of fish, so would eat the same things.
Hmm according to a petsmart review the black molly is Poecilia sphenops, which gets to 2.4", and the sailfin molly is Poecilia latipinna, which gets to 6". This could be why the black molly is more popular.

Online it says this molly is in the "Poecilia sphenops species," when in reality it is the species Poecilia latipinna. This is a big deal. Poecilia sphenops (regular mollies) max out in size at about 2.4". Poecilia latipinna (the molly sold at petsmart; also known as the "sailfin molly") reaches about 6". Make sure you have a large tank if you plan on keeping one (I would say about twenty-nine gallons minimum).
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