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Do my White Cloud Mountain Minnows have septicemia?! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys.
I got 6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows today. When I got them, 1 had these weird red spots not streaks just smallish spots. When I got them home I acclimated them and put them in. They are now all schooling and have already eaten. The one fish with the red spots seems to be doing fine. The spots also seem to have faded a lot. Do my fish/does my fish have septicemia? If so, how can I cure it?
I already had 7 Zebra Danios die in that tank a while ago from Columnaris. I do not want more fish to die.
Someone said these red dots was a sign of this contagious disease. Is this person right? If so how do I treat it. I only have a 1 gallon tank to spare if I need to quarantine.
Remember red light spots not streaks.

should I just take that one fish out?!

This fish came from my LFS like this it did not occur in my tank it is the first day the fish have been in my tank.

could this just be like a color thing it was born with because this fish was with many other White Cloud Minnows in my LFS and none of them were/seemed infected.

Remember small red spots small!
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How is the fish acting? Doesn't sound like septicemia to me. It also may not be anything. Fish usually take a little while to show their normal colors after you put them in your tank. If they are freckle little spots I wouldn't worry too much about it.
WHEY my fish are schooling and acting fine swimming around and they are kind of like freckles thank you so much let's hope it is nothing!
If you could post some clear pictures of the problem fish it would be helpful.
I know, but the dots have become very faint the camera can not pick it up and the fish moves around a lot
Are you very familiar with these fish? Have you been through the many pics on Google images to see if your fish compares?
Give the fish a few days to color up. often times its just the coloring of the fish in stressful situations. just because a fish is eating does not mean it is relaxed, and fish will school when threatened, or stressed, so neither of those are good indicators to being acclimated.

also did you properly treat the tank for columaris? and how long ago was the lastdeath or end of treatment?
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