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Do I need to level the tank?

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I've started to set up the 54 gallon corner bowfront I've been working on. I've never worried about leveling a tank before because my previous tanks have been a lot smaller. I got the level out for this one, and this is what I found. This is with the level about in the middle of the front bow part of the tank:

Across the back corner shows the same results, but putting the level across both side corners of the tank shows them to be level. I'm confused as to whether or not this is enough of a difference to need to be leveled, and I'm even more unsure as to how to do the leveling. The tank sits flush on the stand, and I think it's actually the floor that is not level. What do I do?
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anything outside of level can cause issues, but if it in that little I would not worry about it.
my floor is not level also. i fixed it by making a "shim" out of old soda boxes and kept stacking them up untill it was level. once it was level i just trimed the excess cardboard away so you cant see it. i put the "shims" under the tank stands feet btw.
So, I would only put the shims under the part of the stand that needed to be raised, right?
yes because the tank needs to sit flush with the stand to avoid and stress on the tank. so just shim between the stand and the floor. and only put the shim under the part that needs to be raised up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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