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Do I need anymore fertilizers?

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I have a planted 24g aquapod, Hagen CO2 system with 40lbs of ECO.

Do I need any other ferts or supplements or are they any that I do not need other than the ones below?

Flourish Trace

Flourish Excell

Flourish Iron
Flourish Nitrogen
Flourish Phosphorus
Flourish Potassium
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Looks like you have everything you need, although if you have CO2 already, the excel isn't really needed unless you're using it for algae purposes. Excel is used mainly for situations where CO2 can't be done or for small tanks where a CO2 setup is not desired.

If i were you, I would look into dry ferts from rex or aquariumfertilizers as it is much cheaper in the long run. $15 can get you all the ferts you need and it'll easily last you over a year whereas you'll probably spend double or more on the flourish line for your size tank.
If by hagen co2 system you mean a yeast system, excel might be a good thing to have.
Yeah it is a Hagen yeast system. I am also going to add a soda bottle DIY CO2 as well.
I think all you need now is a bank roll to keep up using those ferts.
I think all you need now is a bank roll to keep up using those ferts.
Agreed. Check into getting dry ferts from here:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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