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Do I have high lighting? Also more questions in thread.

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Do I have high lighting?

I currently have two 23w 6500k cfl's in two different clamp lights above my 29g tank (30L,12W,18H)
Would a third clamp light with 23w 6500k cfl give me high light?

Would this be considered high lighting for a tank of these dimensions?

I have
1 ozelot sword
3 Jungle vals
1 Java fern
1 finger tip amount of java moss

As far as growth goes I'm seeing very little, the ozelot is growing a leaf. Haven't seen much of a change in the other plants though. Why am I not getting growth? Tank is stocked with 10 neon tetras 1 bristlenose (might rehome) and 2 dwarf gouramis. The tank also has diy C02.
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Substrate? Parameters? Dose fertz? if so what kinds?
Substrate - CaribSea Supernaturals Torpedo beach Sand (But I plan to get Pool Filter Sand as a replacement because I only have a quarter of my tank with the torpedo beach sand)
Parameters - Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrates 30-40. Temp (72f-76f)
No ferts.
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