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Do I have fissidens fontanus?

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Hi, just came back from a camping trip in upstate New York. I did some research and found a waterway that has fissidens fontanus listed as the only aquatic moss. Hopefully I managed to collect some for my tanks. :thumbsup:

My findings are below:

The moss was rooted on rocks before a 15 foot waterfall. Being lazy, having spent more then 10 minutes climbing down a waterway... and with a girlfriend that might get pissed off at me if I traveled further, I collected a specimen from this one area. I'm not giving the spot away to others, sorry :^(

There were no pieces of wood along the banks of the stream. The moss seems to rely on being submerged or splashed on by the water. Anything that was submerged had longer, healthier looking stems. Anything above the flow of water was slightly dry. Not longer then an inch, it was a pain to collect for my 10 gallon tank.

I've seen tons of photos of fissidens fontanus online... but I'm not sure if what I have is actually fontanus or another type of fissidens. I know that it is aquatic or semi aquatic moss, but perhaps it is not listed correctly.

What I'll be doing, is placing it in a 10 gallon tank, spreading it out and keeping it damp. I will be floating some in two of my tanks, in hopes that it acclimates.

If anyone is a fissidens afficionado, feel free to message me, and I'll send you a high res photo of what I found. I will be taking one tonight and should be able to link it.

-Gordon Richards
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I hope you weren't camping in a state park. Rangers get really irritated when you illegaly remove plants.

If you post a picture you'll likely get an ID fairly quickly.
No, it wasn't a state park, but the water way does eventually go into a state park. If I hiked down for another thirty minutes I'm sure I could have found what I was looking for. Maybe next year :^(

I collected a few different mosses from a campground in Copake ny. They were submerged in water about a quarter of an inch deep. It seems like the moss changes shape when its under the water... nothing matches fissidens fontanus though :^(

I have to run out to the car later tonight to get my camera.
Maybe you found some cool new moss that everyone's going to want in their tanks now.
Forgot my memory card at work. I'll be taking photos tomorrow of the three types of moss I found.

I think one of them might be a species of fissidens, though who knows. Maybe I'll setup a terrarium if its not aquatic, I always wanted one of those.
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