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Im sorry if im posting this in the wrong section of the forum.

I have a current nova extreme that houses 2 24 watt bulbs. One is 12,000K White T5HO, and the other is A bright pinkish hue lamp also T5HO.
Substrate- Regular epoxy coated gravel
Dose - once a week of seachem flourish
Co2 -DIY one 2liter bottle
Plants- low light plants which are doing well.
Tank dimensions are 30 x 10 x 17 filling up to 24 gallons.

I was looking into hc(dwarf baby tears) and hair grass which both require high light.

Will i be able to grow plants for carpeting with this lighting setup?

According to that link I do have high lights.

Do i need to change the substrate? Eco-complete?

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The lighting chart assumes a standard of reflector quality. I don't know yours. We also don't know how far off the substrate your lights are. Both of these factors have a huge impact on lighting level.

My guess is that you'll have two major problems. The first is that you have too much lighting for the minimal dosing and DIY CO2 you've got, which will inevitably lead to massive algae.

The second is that your epoxy-coated gravel isn't really conducive to growing plants with shallow root systems, which includes most "carpet" plants. Like HC.

I'm also not sure DIY CO2 will cut it for growing HC. Most people have had little success with growing HC without pressurized CO2, and of those that were able to do so, they used Excel or a glutaraldehyde alternative.
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