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Do diatoms really disappear on their own?

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I know there's a million threads on diatoms, but here's another. Do they really disappear on their own? I set up a new tank ~3 weeks ago and the diatom is booming out of control! Plants grow well as they pearl, but they are smothered in diatoms. Every source I found on this says they go away on their own, but this is really hard to believe.

20 gal long (12" high)
Finnex Ray2 (9 hour split photo period)
EI weekly dosing (50% wc sunday)
Pressurized CO2 (~30ppm)
Aquaclear HOB + powerhead
Plants: hydrocotyle sp japan, dwarf baby tears, dwarf hair grass, cabomba, rotala macranda, rotala rotundifolia

I started double-dosing excel couple days ago. Also added the two rotala stem plants a couple days ago.

I also notice some hair algae on the dhg, and green thread algae (dhizome?? spell check). Most of the green thread was on the driftwood, I removed that piece entirely. But majority of the algae in my tank is definitely diatoms
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my diatoms have just finally gone away. I set my tank up at the beginning of the year. I think part of it is just the cycle of the tank. the natural die off of bacteria as one species takes over and another one dies off. just my thought on the subject, not an expert by any means.
Did you do anything out of ordinary to try to eradicate it? Or did you just ride it out
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