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Do Anubias flowers self-sow?

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My Anubias has been blooming for awhile, and the flower is fading. Will it drop seed and self-sow, so that I'll get several new plants from it springing up on their own in the substrate and forming their own new rhizomes?

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Likely not. Though, the flower will probably be eaten by any snails or shrimp in your tank as it begins to die off.
I don't believe they do. I usually just pull the flower off once I see it start to die. The only way to propagate is to split the rhizome

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First up do you have more than one plant that are flowering? If not your not going to have much success since mother nature has guaranteed that this plant will not propagate without at least two plants in the tank.(each will have both male and female abilities but it must be cross pollinated to work).

If you do, then try cross pollinating with a little brush like a small paint brush(cheapest one you can find works great) rubbing between all flowers with the pollen to each other flower(Daily for about a week). If you are successful the flower will not wilt but form a fruit. Wait for it to ripen and dry before removing it from the plant. The seeds will be viable.

Then when you get some actual seeds to harvest for your plant, press halfway into a small 1" deep amount of dirt in some container that is kept covered(plastic wrap) and "mist moisten" the dirt heavily and set near a window with several hours of light per day. Keep moistened daily!

After a while you'll see some little green showing up and when you have about 2-3 leaves each a couple inches long just transplant them to your tank. Be careful when planting that you don't break any leaves or roots.

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Very educational! Thank you! Nope, I only have the one blossom on the one plant. Guess I'll just deadhead it, then, and let the energy go back into the plant for further growth.

-- Aquamom
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