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Do Angelfish eat plants?

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I think my lone koi angelfish went veggie on me because it is completely decimating my Hygrophilia! The newer leaves are especially nibbled at (i guess because they're softer)
Does anyone have the same problem and is this a problem of diet (i feed it everything from small fruit flies to shrimp).:help:
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Angelfish will sometimes destroy plants. It's not necessarily diet, sometimes it's just boredom. You might try getting your angel a buddy or 5, but then he might just teach the rest of the angels to destroy plants and you'll just have a bunch of plant destroying angels. ;)

You might drop in some algae wafers to see if that will help.
Angelfish are cichlids, which are naughty ;)
I have 11 Angles in a tank and they ALL peck at my Hygrophila and destroy it. They also mangled my stargrass so bad that I had to remove it. I also have some dwarf sag and micro swords they uproot as well as my camboba.

These are beautiful fish and great to keep, but they are cichlids to the core.
My angels only pick at leaves when they are cleaning a spawning site. Otherwise they are "angles" when it comes to behaving around my plants.

Usually they select a nice big wide leaf. In my tanks they always go for the swords, but if they don't have something that sturdy they'll use anything. I've lost a whole stand of crypts from them pecking at it.
My gold angels ate all the leaves of the Nymphaea lotus.:smile:
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