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Do ALL plants like dry start?

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Or is this method species specific?

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No, some species of aquatic plants cannot be grown in dry starts. Vals, aponogetons, and a few others have no emersed form and will die if kept out of water.

Most other species are ok to plant in dry starts.
I'm glad you told me that as I'm receiving some twisted Vals tomorrow.

Does anybody know about Pogostemon Erectus, I'm dry starting 10 of them now and I DON'T want to kill them

This thread seems to indicate that dry starts are OK

It looks sad and now I'm sad
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With stem plants you want to lie the stem down horizontally along the soil and press it in slightly so it is touching the moist soil otherwise it will dry out. The plant will send up many buds and those will be adapted to emersed conditions. Do not plant them with just the roots in the soil and keep them upright.
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