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DIY Yeast for 29g

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After failing at a low tech tank I opted to try the DIY yeast. I did test mixes to see how long it took to get some bubbles and found that by using about 92 degree tap water it resulted in the quickest production of Co2 bubbles and lasted the longest. I've been using a drop checker with premixed water at a dKH of 4 and it's been registering green, and of course when CO2 starts to drop off the color starts to change. I've read that it supposed to last a month but it hasn't for me. I used 2 cups sugar, 1/2 tsp yeast and water. Yesterday I changed the yeast amount to 1 tsp and will see how that works. I had a ViaAqua in tank pump I had previously used in a SW nano tank so I'm using that for CO2 diffusing. I put a hole in the intake and slipped a hose barb in it and connected the CO2 line to it. The plants definitely look better and are growing faster.
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I also noticed a improvement when I started DIY co2. As far as water temp, I make the water just warm enough to dissolve the sugar and activate the yeast seperately. What kind of lighting do you have?
I've changed lighting several times but now I have 2x24W T5HO, [email protected], [email protected] I was using [email protected] and a Geisman Aquaflora but I didn't like the red look in the tank so I switched it out for the 67K.

Nice info. I don't add bicarb to the mix as currently my dkH is 3 and pH is 6.8. I'm not sure about the addition of the gelatin... is it to extend the life of the CO2 production?
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