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Hello everyone.

I'm looking into making DIY root tabs since I've just recently started using API root tabs and the only store I can get them at is closing in 3 weeks. So I can buy a bunch from the store and hope they don't expire anytime soon or learn to make my own.

I have an abundance of fresh worm casting year round so I did some research and saw that people have used them before for substrates so I'm pretty sure I could use them as root tabs.

Is this safe to use? Under normal circumstances I know worm castings slowly release small amounts of micro and macro nutrients. Since the amounts are so small should I throw in some miracle-gro? Should I skip the EWC and just use miracle-gro?

Right now the only plant I have that I am using root tabs on is an Amazon sword but I will be getting more root feeders soon. My tank is just sand and gravel so have to add all nutrients myself for the root feeders.

I know topics similar to this have been covered already, I'm not asking if its OK to use the castings, I just want to see if anyone recommends adding anything to the capsule besides EWC.

*I also have plenty of bat guano. Just throwing it out there.....
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