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DIY Water Changer and Vacuum GPH/MH Requirements

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I'm trying to put together a DIY water changer and vacuum. Here is what I've come up with:

Eheim 1/2" green tubing
Vacuum Head/Covered Intake Head
Eheim Double Tap Connector (quick connect and flow control)
1/2" Water Strainer 80 Mesh
Wayne PC2 Self Priming Transfer Pump
Eheim Double Tap Connector (quick connect and flow control)
Return/Drain Line

Now the Wayne pump is rated at 5.67 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) with a Max Total Head of 10'. The maximum amount of tubing needed for a water change is 25'. I want to be sure the pump can vacuum and handle moving the water along a single story into the tub or up it up into the tank from a container. I've got several other pumps on my list up to 8 GPM so if this one won't do the job just let me know.

I think by the stats it can but it might also be too powerful and cause me problems. I would love any insight because I barely.. if at all... know what I'm doing.

Thank you!
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