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Just thought I'd share something I made today.

Materials Needed:
Chopsticks (the ones you get at take-out places will suffice)
Card of some sort (I recommend a petco or petsmart card because their thinner than a credit card)

Total Cost: $0

Time to build: About 5 minutes (writing this thread took longer)

Step 1: Gather materials

Step 2: Cut the wide end with the razor

Step 3: Bend the razor to slip the wood

Step 4: Insert card of choice

Petco card

Petsmart card

Bigger Petsmart card

In action in my new Fluval Chi that I picked up yesterday during Black Friday at Petsmart

And it floats!

Thank you for taking the time to read through the thread :D

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I think I would wrap a piece of twist-tie or the smallest zip-tie around the split chopstick. As it shrinks and swells the card will get loose. Even a rubber band, though they will rot with time.

I still use my Pet Smart card for its original purpose, but the Pet Co card has been an algae scraper for so long all the color is wearing off.
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