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So I've been lurking on this site for a while but never posted any of my tanks.
About 3 weeks ago I found some corydoras fries in one of my lowtech setup and I think I'd share this tank with you guys.

Here is the info.

Tank: diy shallow cube using quarter inch glass measured at 25inch left to right, 18inch front to back and 9inch from bottom to top.

Substrate: play sand

Plants: java moss, java fern, some frogbit and hornwort

Lighting: work light from lowes

Filter: aqua-teck 10 gallon and a sponge filter

Stock: 15 habrosus cory, 26 pygmaeus cory and 2 boraras merah

Full tank shoot
Plant Botany Houseplant Lighting Organism

Water Plant Plant community Vertebrate Pet supply

Java Fern and Java Moss
Water Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Grass

Water Plant Pet supply Organism Aquatic plant

Female and male cory habrosus underneath anubias nana
Plant Ingredient Terrestrial plant Dish Cuisine

Male cory and subadult cory
Organism Wood Terrestrial animal Felidae Scaled reptile

Subadult cory size comparison with alder cone
Plant Wood Water Terrestrial animal Aquatic plant

I'm feeding my cory micros worm, earth worm stick, decapped brine shrimp eggs, hikari first bites fry food and hikari sinking wafer.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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