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DIY rimless 10g budget build.

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14 dollar walmart 10g
1 bag of eco complete
Local driftwood
Sun sun 106gph canister
23w 6500kelvin cfl fixture
Frosted back glass with spray can

Dosing ei with metricide

What do you guys think so far?

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I can agree I had a whole population taken out by one endler. Looks like these are my options...

A. Gbr pair, otos, nerites
B. Neons, amanos, otos, nerites
C. Amanos, Rcs, otos, nerites

Now just have to pick from these choices and how many I want. Such a hard decision

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Please do a shrimp and snail community tank (option c).
Fish are great too, but I absolutely love how shrimp behave with their own kind:it's fascinating to watch tiny juvies scuttle around the tank.

I need to upload a video of my 20L during wouldn't believe how comfortable they are with me poking around lol
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