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DIY reactor

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So I hooked it up. It is a 8" 1 1/2" pipe. withe 90degree fitting and 5/8" barbs on each end. I hooked it up to the outlet of the filter. the filter is going to the top and the outlet to the tank is at the bottom. Now is sounds like the pipes under my kitchen sink and is very noisy haha. Does all the ait ever come out? It has been running for 20 mins and is still super loud :(
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do you still have the air bubble trapped? i fill my reactor with air completely every night (on purpose @7p) and its clear by the next morning (@7a) when the lights come on
there could be, but its been like 24 hrs and its still loud lol
it's the co2 building up in the reactor. Is it a water gushing sound? You could try and tip the reactor up some more if it's on an angle...
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