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DIY pressurized CO2 component advice/?'s

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I'll kick this off with does anyone know what the difference between an angle pattern toggle valve and a metering/needle valve is...I have found a Swagelok SS-1GS4 angle pattern toggle valve for cheap and they look almost identical to metering valves, is this just another term for metering or needle valve?

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As the name implies, wouldn't a toggle valve just be on/off position, and not actually be able to control flow?
Ah, yes...and Therein lies the difference lol, the only difference in looks at least is the on off knob, on a metering valve it obv. Has a potentiating knob, on the toggle valve it has just a on off knob, I'm assuming I'm not lucky enough to be able to convert one into the other huh?

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You'll notice that the construction of each valve is different.

Toggle valve:

Metering valve:

I'm not sure how you would propose converting from one to the other.
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Yeah Its not doable...rookie mistake...anyone know where to get a decent deal on a nice brass metering valve?

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Okay so I've got a nice Matheson brass reg and I'm looking for a nice brass needle valve, and a decent quality brass solenoid...any ideas or suggestions?

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