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Here are a few pictures to illustrate my simple pest trap. This is essentially the same as a bottle trap many use to capture thier fish, just micro. :proud:

You can contact your local veterinarian about the vacutainer. Be sure to mention what it is for and I am sure any animal loving vet tech will provide you with a few. This is not an item they generally sell FYI. Remove the rubber stopper from the plastic body. Use a leather punch or a drill to make way for whatever small tubing you have. I used 1/4" John Guest tube left over from my RO set-up. Tie up a short length of fishing line to the rubber stopper so you can easily retrieve it when its time to rebait. I have used crushed Omega One color pellets as bait to great effect, but most foods will work I'm sure.

I have successfully captured cyclops, planaria and seed shrimps with this design.


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