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DIY paintball co2 setup question PLEASE HELP!!!

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so i set up my co2 unit with this guide

thanks to jagged for the post ;)

and it worked great for the first two fills except for the needle valve from home depot being a little sticky and pushing it just a tad to hard will cause too much pressure and explode the tubing off of something, usually a check valve or diffuser....

but when i got it refilled last night and hooked it up, the pin from the on/off valve just fell out, i tried putting it back in but no pressure would read on the guage when i screwed it on all the way... i did some research and found that if you buy new little o rings from lowes the same size as the pin and replace them it will stick back in,..... which i did, and it seemed to go in just fine but i still have the same problem, i screw it on and can feel the pin pushing down but nothing comes out, no co2, guage is still at 0 ppm.... i looked at the pin and it looks like its in there at a tad slant i've tried jamming it in and straitening it out but it wont work as i turn the valve on :eek5:

can someone please help me with this, as i just flooded my dsm tank and i need my co2 back on!!

thank you!
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The pin on the ASA valve that pushes the pin on the tank's valve, or the spring-loaded pin in the tank valve itself? The quickest way to fix either issue is to just take the tank to a paintball/sporting goods store and have them replace the valve with a manual on/off one with a knob. That's what I use with my paintball setup and it makes things a lot easier with an extra way to stop the gas.
its the pin with two o ring/washers that is inside the on/off valve.... it seems to be leaking, i took it all a part and it leaks out the top where the knob is for on/off so when i screw it on to release the gas to fill up the guage, it leaks out of the top, i think i just need a new on/off valve.... which sucks this one is bran new i tried tefloning the crap out of everything and still get leaks
I'm not aware of any need for o-rings on the pin itself. They're probably supposed to be further up the pin inside the main housing, and they've slipped down the shaft? Have any pictures of what you're seeing?
Sorry to hijack this thread! :)

I went to sports authority to refill today and my son slapped the tank out my hands so it fell and dented the tip. Te guys couldn't fill it up and tried to sell me a new tank.

The brass "valve" that is attached to the black tank seems to be a replaceable part, where can I get it and how I replace it?

Find a paintball shop. They swap those things all the time. Get a manual valve with a knob while you're at it. A bit more expensive, but much more suited to what we use them for.
I'm not aware of any need for o-rings on the pin itself. They're probably supposed to be further up the pin inside the main housing, and they've slipped down the shaft? Have any pictures of what you're seeing?
the pin had little grooves for them, they are supposed to be on towards the bottom, i went back to the shop i bought it from and switched it out for a on/off valve but since it was the only one they had left, it only had one port just for the needle valve, it didnt have two so i could hook up my gauge and needle valve.... and now its almost just as bad, it leaks like crazy so i tefloned the crap out of it and am trying to manage until my package from nilocg gets here with all my paintball setup goodies, then i will be rescued.... for now....
I saw a picture of the pin you're talking about in another thread. The o-rings should be oriented so they're furthest away from the co2 tank, so that they seal the hole where the pin connects to the on/off knob. If they were closer to the tank than the knob, they can't seal that passage, and the gas will escape. co2 is also pretty rough on rubber, so the rings may be damaged at this point if they were exposed to the gas for too long.
well this pin may be different, when placed more towards the knob they would just roll into the groves that look like they were designed for, either way i think too much pressure got to them, i tried new ones, but the device wasnt even releasing pressure, so i took it back, got a single outlet on/off which sucks becuase i want a guage but it will have to do for now....
already noted..... doing that as well, just waiting on some spare cash flow, trying to find a cheap one that will use 20oz cylinders as well as 20lbers for when i have my fish room so far aquatek has one that just uses a adaptor that im looking at....i duno...
buy a full size reg and get the CGA320 to paintball adapter, that way you can switch back and forth as needed.
thats what i just said in my last post above lol
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