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DIY paintball co2 question

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I bought a paintball asa, regulator, and needle valve. Everything works great but I dont know how to remove the asa from the tank. Does anyone know what steps to take to remove the asa without breaking anything. I was thinking turn down the regulator to 0 psi and then turn off the paintball asa afterwards.
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They use loct-tite... When i did airsmithing fir paintball we would use a torch. Remove the pressure release valve first. You will need a vice...

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if you can post a pic of your set up it would help .is it an on off asa or just a cheap you have a real regulator. asa is the part the bottle screws into , air source adapter. just unscrew the bottle.the pin valve should close before it comes off. mine all the ones on my paint ball markers have a small hole to vent pressure before the bottle is completely un threaded
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