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DIY/ Med Tech CO2

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Ok guys I have a 55 gallon tank and am planing on adding preasureized co2. I am going to build a co2 reactor simmilar to rex's, that he shows on his web site. I would also like to add a DIY bubble counter. I plan on a 5lb co2 tank as I should get about 6 months out of it. What I am currently getting stuck on how ever is the regulator. I can build one myself but dont know where to get all my parts from. Any sugestions? I am on a budget and am trying to allow about $150 for the co2 Regulator, tank, and reactor. Is this feasiable. Any and all help is appericated.

Thanks Curt
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I havent got one yet myself but am fixing to. From everything I have read here over the last couple if days, Rex has great regulators and a variety of other items for them. Read lots of posts about the quality etc.
Well, I know it's not within your budget but here's what I bought

Milwaukee CO2 w/ auto pH
and absolutely LOVE it. IMO, it would be well worth your while to spend a few extra $ when it comes to CO2 equipment. Penny wise and Dollar foolish kinda thing. Cuz if you're anything like me, you'll end up spending the money twice when replacing the stuff that didn't do what I really wanted it to cuz I saved a few dollars with the 1st purchase.

I know you're gonna do what you want but just food for thought from my experience. I pushed DIY CO2 to the absolute limit (5 2L reactor bottles changing the solution every 2 days trying to get my CO2 levels up and fighting 3 different BBA outbreaks) b4 I finally broke down and bought this set up. I'd love to have the money back I spent in sugar and yeast. I know that's not what you're talking about doing but I'm just trying to give you an idea about how penny wise and dollar foolish I was.

Good luck w/ whatever you decide!
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I would agree with you on that for sure Todd. Brewing beer is one thing, but the constant home lab for the fish tanks is another, especially if you get a bad yeast pack and it goes off on you when your not around. I came to the conclusion long ago, to use rubbermaid containors for all my external equipement. It sure saves in the clean up from an erruption.
And I can actually use one medium sized bottle to feed four tanks on a manifold system as well. Individual feed gauges with low pressure regulators work well with this application. You can find these items at commercial paint supply stores, use them to throttle down the feed on the airbrush. These are the same type one would also use on a TIG or MIG welder setup.
The manifold can be made out of PVC, just add as many "T" sections as you might need and use the threaded plugs to feed out of. You can add your low pressure regulators with gauges to the manifold and feed the tanks from there.

Good luck and may King Neptune shine on all you. 8>) Maximo
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