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So i decided having my light sitting right on the tank and always being in the way was no longer going to suffice. So I built myself a mount to suspend the light over the tank. Didnt turn out to bad, the hardest part was getting both mounts to have an equal curve.

I used:

2x 4' long, 3/8 diameter aluminum rod (12$ each)
2' small airplane cable (0.50$)
4 small codder pins (0.40$)
Some crimps, and zap straps (4$)

..oh, and a bit of muscle to do the bending.

I bent the rods over a couple of large pots using vice grips to hold one end in place. Slowly worked at it until I got the shape that I wanted, then worked quite a bit longer to get the second one to match. I would reccomend taking an old wire clothes hanger and using it to make a template of how you would like it to work, so you can use it as a reference. After than I drilled 4 small holes in the top of the light and used codder pins to mount my wire through (you could also use eye hooks, but I couldnt find ones small enough to my liking). I drilled two small holes in the end of my mount for the cable to go through. To mount it to the stand I simply used zap straps, and a small pin sitting on top of the tank to keep my height consistent. Little bit of leveling, and voila.

Everything I needed to make this cost me less than 20$ (with my contractors discount), but wouldn't cost much more than 30$ with no discounts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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