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I decided to post some info in case anyone was thinking of adding canopy fans. Why pay the extra dollars for commercial fans marketed towards aquarist when you can easily DIY a fan in less than two minutes.

After doing some research I decided to choose the Vantec Stealth's (120mm) because it offered a low noise rating (28 dBA) and had a decent airflow of 53 CFM. In hindsight I should have gone with the SilenX which emits 14dBA and 58 CFM (but are more costly).

This is what your going to need:

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Since the Vantec fan is a DC fan you will need an adapter to switch the current from AC to DC. First read the DISCLAIMER before moving on.



Please follow all UL and applicable electrical codes, regulations, ordinances, and local, provincial, state, federal statutes and guidelines etc. Seek qualified professional counseling if you are uncomfortable with electricity.

The info expressed in this messge is for illustration purposes ONLY. I take NO responsibility or liability for anyone who uses these illustrations in an attempt to replicate or alter the project presented. I am a novice at best.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and this is not an offer to solicit or sell anything in this province where it would be illegal or could be construed to be illegal.


Okay, rather than purchasing an adapter from places like RadioShack, the best thing to do is go to a surplus electronic component warehouse. I was able to pick up a 12V AC-to-DC adapter for under four dollars (Sayal Electronics). The Vantec fans require 12V DC and draws .96watts or 80mA. So an adapter greater than 100mA will do.

After opening the box you'll find some mounting screws for the computer. Those are useless. You need to go to Home Depot and buy some stove bolts so you can mount them in your canopy. Your going to need to pre-drill the holes.

Also the beauty of this fan (I'm not too sure if it applies to all other brands) is that they have quick disconnects.

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Clip away the four pin computer connector and use a wire stripper.

Connect the two wires from the fan and the adapter together. *You want to temporarily connect them before soldering (use electrical tape) to see if you matched the wires correctly and the fan starts.

!!Also make sure the two wires never touch (isolate) or they'll spark!!

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I also used soldering paste. Worked like a charm.

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The end product.

You might also want to research variable temperature fans depending on your needs. They do get quite loud when running at max speeds.

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