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I run DIY LED workshops for my local people here in NYC.

I build these lights during workshops, some are all brand new.

Somtimes, I retro fit my tanks with old scrap LED parts from old days to ilusstrate the concept of LEDs in the workshop. I usually saved for my own tanks. However, if you guys are interested, I would be interested to let them go as well so that I can retrofit them with newer design for yet future LED DIY party, hehe.

Today, I have 2 brand new 20" fixture of LEDs that can operate by itself, or together, controlled thru same drivers. The light is mainly for reef application but good enough for many cichlid and planted tanks

Each fixtures:
3 XPE Cree Cool White with 60 degree lens
3 XPE Cree Royal Blue with 60 degree lens
on 1 RS1.0
the two drivers I used in the workshop are 660-680ma

single Light fixture with 2 drivers $175
both fixture with 2 drivers $300

switch the drivers to dimmable and remote controller, add $100
[/url] Flickr 上 WingoAgencyLED Build 09-18--11 Target Tank Arrangement B IMG_1993[/IMG]

[/url] Flickr 上 WingoAgencyModular Plugs IMG_2039[/IMG]

The next setup are more extensive with 2 dimmable drivers and remote control.
Basically same look as the above except there 4 mini fans added externally to dissipate the heat.
Total LEDs within the 2 24" fixtures are 12 royal blue and 12 cool white Cree LEDs on 4 RS1.0
The drivers are running ~950ma yielding very high PAR, I can trim it down if you are scared they may burn your plants or corals
If your tank is too shallow, I can undo the lens for better spread
If your tank is very tall or you are hanging the light high on the ceiling, I can change the lens from 60 degree to 40 to concentrate the beam back into your tank
The whole setup is $650.

If I missed you in PM here, please sms to 347 878 3092
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