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Here is my full tank journal with LOTS of pics:

My cost: $30 shipped from eBay, some wires and simple soldering skills, and some hot glue.

LED's Used: 102x 5050 SMD LED's which is approximately 24W.

Tank: 15G 13"x13"x20"

Plants: I'm not expert in scientific names or even with common names, I just go to the store find someone with some experience and asked for all their easy to grow low-light plants. Most of mine are java type and moss, along with some fast stem growing ones.

5050 SMD Light Strip 6000K - 6500K:

First I removed the original light, cut the strips to the correct sizes, and did a rough layout first:

Wired everything and did a dry run:

After confirming everything is lighting up, I used the double-sided tape that it came with and firmly attached it to the hood. For the bare wires I used hot glue to cover all the exposed areas so everything is water-proof. I also dabbed some extra hot glue along the edges to help the strips stay on the hood.

Results in dark room with 1 lamp off to the side:

My plants and livestock look much more vibrant and tank definitely looks a lot brighter, here is a sample picture of a tiny shrimp at the bottom of the tank:

I will know in a couple weeks how the plants are doing, I will be probably starting with a 7 hour photo period and adjust as I keep an eye on things.
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