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I have a planted tank I want to get rid of, but still keep the plants.
I would really like to start an emersed system to house them for the time being, for a future planted tank, or as a separate project. I've been planning the setup, which will basically consist in a few shoeboxes inside a reasonably sized transparent plastic box. All I need now is the most vital component : lighting.
I'ld like to go DIY on this one and build my own cheap LED lights.
I was thinking of just buying a few RGB LED strips off e-bay and glueing them inside a gutter. Given it's an emersed system and there wouldn't be the problem of the water absorbing the light, would this option work? Would the intensity be strong enough to support plant growth?
If you don't think it would, what other DIY or non DIY options do I have?
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