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diy led lamp for 17 gal tank

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hello to all, i am new in the forum i have 6 month reading and studing how make a decent aquacape:D jajaja. so now i just decide join the forum so i can learm from you guys here.. well lets star i will describe my project..

my tank consist in a tank of 45cm heigth 35cmm wide and 49cmm of deep.

ligth: well this if were one my question star. i plan to build my owm diy led lamp, but i dont dont know the proper selection of led chips to choosee how many whites, blue, and red.. the question is how is distance from the source of ligth to the column of water..

here you can see the tank that will be planted soon.. as well you can see the distance, from the top to the surface, that consist in 35 cm

in sustrate: i plan to use amazonia new, with all the powder that ada has to offer, penac c, penac w, bacteria 100,tourmaline bc, clear super, the question here,, this for star, if i want to crow the plants very welll, do i have fertilize with other elements?

fertilizatio: pressurized c02

plants: i will use as central atracction element, a wood that fit and look weel, to this wood i will atach some moss..

my goals is to plant dificult plants as rotala macandra, and cuba, and glossotigma, and elocharis,

filtration: for this tanks wich is better small canister or one hang on filer?

pd: sorry for my english jajaja

rewards fernando from venezuela
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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